IT Rescue Responsive Service anywhere in Victoria

When a system is down, no one wants to hear the consultant’s voicemail informing them that they are unavailable. When your IT Infrastructure experiences problems, you don’t have the time to be reading a manual or troubleshooting yourself. The technicians at tekutaro are master troubleshooters! Your IT Infrastructure does not observe a 9-5 schedule and neither.. read more →

IT Consulting Worldwide!

Eventually, all companies must face the building of, the expansion of, or the re-vamping of their existing IT Infrastructure. With more and more disparate technologies available, the choices can be daunting. All companies, big or small, want the same thing out of their IT Infrastructure….the best value for their money. A popular buzz term going.. read more →

IT System Protection Plan

Security has become a focal point for all owners of IT Infrastructures. The thought of a compromised system can make even the most stout-hearted manager go a little weak in the knees. Many companies today take several measures to protect their IT Infrastructure but usually do not have set policies in place to effectively and thouroughly protect.. read more →

IT Services for Hobsons Bay, Melbourne & Victoria

  More and more companies are realizing the benefits of hiring professionals to manage their IT Infrastructure. This includes servers, printers, Internet connection and services, email, VPN, backup systems, workstations, and critical applications. Effective management of an IT Infrastructure is not waiting for problems to occur and then scrambling to fix them. True IT Management is taking.. read more →

How we Protect your valuable IT Network:

1 Physical Security The majority of security threats come from inside a company. Physical security consists of locking down access to Servers, Server rooms and communications equipment. Physical access to the company’s infrastructure should be limited to IT and security personnel only. Only through strict adherence to clearly outlined security policies can any company today.. read more →

New store layout for

The web developers at tekutaro are proud to release new store layout for the site,  have a look:   read more →